“Aside from all the amusing mishaps, this is a story about friendship and doing the right thing regardless of the cost to oneself. The message is so deftly woven throughout this entertaining story that boys and girls of elementary school age will likely enjoy every word, not to mention the lovely illustrations.”  Reviewer: Debra Purdy Kong, author of the “Alex Bellamy” and “Casey Holland” mystery series.

“Eileen Holland’s … writing talent shines in her characters’ development, plot twists, and bringing the classroom to life. … [Sophie is] a real kid in her kind-hearted attempts to do the right thing, yet making mistakes in the process. Young readers will identify with her goals and struggles, and enjoy a few laughs along the way.” Highly recommended. Reviewer: Karen Autio, author of Growing Up in Wild Horse CanyonKah-Lan the Adventurous Sea Otter, and Canadian history trilogy Second Watch, Saara’s Passage, and Sabotage.

“Holland’s word play around what Sophie says versus what she means will delight the age group for whom the book is intended … Sophie Trophy would make great independent-reading fare for classroom and school libraries as well as an addition to science units on spiders, particularly as there is a nice segment of internet research on arachnids as part of the storyline.” Recommended. Reviewer: Bev Brenna (inCM: Canadian Review of Materials), author of many books for young people including her Wild Orchid” trilogy, professor at USASK in literacy and children’s literature.

“Eileen Holland’s great sense of humour and her years of experience as a teacher shine through in her debut children’s book. Sophie’s wild imagination pulls readers into her wacky world and has them rooting for her all the way. I highly recommend this book for young readers.”
Reviewer:  Loraine Kemp, illustrator of Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon and Growing Up in Wild Horse Canyon.

“Dear Eileen Holland, I really enjoyed the book you wrote. It was interesting, funny and it had a problem and a solution. It was a great book … PS The best part was when the spider got loose.” Ruby, age 9